Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spring Fever

It is a beautiful rainy day here in our little valley.  I love it when the clouds are so low that you can't see the mountains across town.  The snow has been melting like crazy and it is very muddy.  Where I live the road is not paved, so I have to drive through a "pond" to go to town.  Things look pretty blah here but I did see a little green peaking out from under my Mums.

 I have been looking through pictures of our yard and came across this one taken from the deck of our guest house. I am longing for green!  Can't you just smell the greenness of this!  Freshly mown grass, just breath it in......... 
One of the side effects of Spring fever is that it brings on a cleaning frenzy.  I have been organizing, pitching and giving away boxes of junk treasures.   
My sewing room has been a big project, but it is finally starting to come together.  This is my scrapbooking/stamping corner.  

 I came across this while cleaning. I started making a rag rug to put under Sophie's dish.  Jelly Rolls are perfect for making rag rugs.  I take one strip from the jelly roll and cut it into 3 strips.  Each strip is about 1" wide.  This will be a perfect project to work for a rainy day, like today!

God Bless,


  1. I love how you decorate your home. By the way, Im the one that wrote about how I love the book Follow the River on another blog. I just had to click on your blog to see it after I read that you are a descendant of Mary Draper!!! I cant tell you how much I love that book! I kept checking it out at the library, and finally bought my own copy. I read it every year! Every winter, when the snow flies here, I get out that book and get lost in it. :) I think I know it by heart now. :) Im glad to meet you.

    1. Thank you for visiting. We have a Draper group on facebook. One of my cousins has done a lot of research about the Drapers. My grandfather would go back to Draper Valley where they would have family reunions. Hopefully you will get this reply, I am not sure if I have this set up correctly.
      Frankie Ann

  2. Such a beautiful garden... how do you keep the rabbits out? I could use help on this topic! :)

    1. Hi Lin,
      Thanks for visiting. I am sending you an email, must incase you don't get this reply.

  3. Your garden is gorgeous! The smell of freshly cut grass is one of my favorites. Your sewing room looks like a wonderful place to create. I am wanting to put bead board on the walls in mine. Hubby and I were going to start last weekend, but then I went out of town. Hopefully will get on it.


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