Saturday, August 2, 2014

Thrifty Finds

"Necessity never made a good bargain." Benjamin Franklin

I have a friend who spends her summers here in Colorado and each weekend we hit the road going to garage sales.  Now, neither one of us needs anymore "stuff" but it is a great way to hang out and just have fun.     

Here are a few of my finds so far this summer.

I fell in love with the color and shape of this old vase.  I have a thing for unusual vases.  It has the marking of U.S.A on the bottom and I paid a whopping .75 for it.

A small Hull vase.  I love the satiny feel and soft colors.    This one was $2.00.

 Yes, it is a little rough on the inside and out.  I have great plans for this old suitcase.   It was half price at $3.00.

Some of you may think that $18.00 is not a great bargain for this doily.  I know how much work goes into creating one of these and I can tell you it was worth every penny.  It is in perfect condition, new and probably made by a local craftsperson.  I just love the hearts!

I am blessed to know one of the designers of a well known scrapbook company.  She cleaned out her inventory and I came home with two huge bags stuffed full of brand new kits, papers, ephemera,  adhesives, cutters etc.  This is just a very small sampling of the treasures.  I spent $40.00 for a couple hundred dollars worth of product.   Yes, I am smiling right now!!!!

My latest e-bay adventure is this small bakers rack.  $40.00 with free shipping.  If you Longaberber you will know this is an awesome deal.  Most of these racks only have one shelf or none at all as with the one next to it.  So, to find one with both shelves and the rubber feet on the bottom is a great deal indeed.  They are great for organizing in my sewing room.

Hope you enjoyed seeing all my treasures!

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  1. Some really fun treasures Frankie Ann. Love the color of the vases and I think the doily is gorgeous! So happy to have you share with SYC. Now following.

  2. The crocheted doily is a fantastic find at such a low price. I know how much work goes into making something like that.

  3. WOW! $40 for the bakers rack WITH shelves is amazing! That doily is BEAUTIFUL. I've yet to learn to crochet or knit but both arts are on my bucket list. Are you staying in Colorado when you move? I've not been to Colorado but would LOVE to someday. I'm guessing it's going to look a lot like my beloved western Montana. Hope you have a wonderful weekend....thank you much for the visit Frankie Ann.

    1. Hi Vicci,
      Thanks for visiting. Yes, we will be staying in Colorado. My parents are getting older and I don't want to be to far away from them.


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